Past History

    Research shows that previous history of self-harm or suicide attempts is a risk factor for suicide, especially in the first 12 months following the self-harm act or suicide attempt (11, 12)

    If one or more of the below items are communicated, then it is more likely that it is a case of intentional self-harm.

    • Is there a record of this person engaging in previous acts of intentional self-harm or attempted suicide?
    • Does the person have old scars or injuries?


    Action  =  Include

    Vignette Example – Past History of Self-Harm

    Admission Notes: 38-year-old female presents with deep cut to upper thigh, Self-presented as couldn’t stop the bleeding and felt she needed stitches.

    Behaviour: Calm and apologetic. Says she knows what she has done. Thinks she got stressed and pressured at work and needed the release. Has had two prior admissions for self-cutting and prior diagnosis of mood disorder.