Step 4: Implementation

    To ensure timely and accurate collection of data, it is necessary to do the following:

    • Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) relevant to the context and update them annually. (Further information on SOPs are included within Module 3)
    • Ensure all data collectors have an induction training program
    • Hold regular meetings to ensure that data collection is conducted in accordance with agreed case ascertainment procedures, and that inclusion and exclusion criteria are respected
    • Host workshops for data collectors (if there are several people) to help them share learning and experiences, and to discuss how to handle challenging cases and situations
    • Ensure that reports, publications and updates on service developments arising from the surveillance system are disseminated to data collectors

    Tip! Data management procedure involves five key stages:

    1. Data collection
    2. Data compilation
    3. Data cleaning
    4. Data analysis
    5. Data interpretation