Step 2: Setting up – Costs and potential funding sources

    Costs and Potential Funding Sources
    Establishing and maintaining a surveillance system for hospital presented suicide attempts, requires substantial resources. Preparing a realistic budget and allocating funding is a key objective.

    Essential items to include in a budget


    Explore options for government funding as the primary funding source. Countries with a government funded national suicide prevention strategy (either implemented or under development), will likely receive government funding for the surveillance system.

    Incorporate the budget in a development and implementation proposal, which includes a long term sustainability strategy and which clarifies long term benefits and cost effectiveness.

    If core funding from the government is ensured, explore options for co-funding from other funding sources, for complementary functions, innovation and research related to the surveillance system.

    Bear in mind that short term and once off funding will not be sufficient for establishing and maintaining a surveillance system.

    Tip! Government funding is the preferred source of primary funding. During funding negotiations ensure to highlight the benefits of surveillance for the treatment and prevention of attempted suicide and suicide.